publisher and adventurer Charles Werb
on Wildlife Adventures in 2017

Hi, I'm Charles Werb, managing director of Outer Edge Magazine and this is my invitation to you, to join us on a wildlife adventure.

For all us at Outer Edge, it's not just about writing about adventure, it's about doing the do! Whether it's raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation, as in our snow-sailing expeditions across Antarctica, or supporting conservation endeavours, we know we're having a great time discovering the outdoors.

So why not come and join me these trips of a lifetime, run by people who share our thirst for future endeavours, people who inspire to dream, to encourage others to find adventure, whilst at the same time helping protect wildlife.

- Charles Werb
Publisher and Adventurer

Gunung Leseur Orangutan Expedition

22 - 29 July 2017

$2,800 ex Bali/Jakarta. 8 days. Maximum group size, 12


Ethical Whale Swims in Tonga

7 - 14 September 2017 [Note, these dates were brought forward a week and differ from the dates published in the magazine]

$4,100 ex Tongatapu. 8 days. Maximum group size, 8


Image by Jess Cripps, for Blue Water Explorer

If you'd like to book, you can either enquire via either of the pages above, or follow the 'book now' buttons to pay a deposit. Note, for the whale swim trip, look for the Outer Edge link in the list of available dates.